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Luminosity Spot Clear SPF20-50ml

Luminosity Spot Clear SPF20-50ml

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SPF20 double action pigmentation clearing cream is the first of its kind to treat dark spots at both epidermal and dermal level. Its double action prevents the appearance of future hyperpigmentation whilst visibly reducing the size, density, and colour of existing ones.


SPF20 double action pigmentation clearing cream with Gatuline® Spot-Light made from Kiwi and Sophora Flavescens extracts is a highly effective day cream to treat pigmentation. It unifies the skin tone for a brighter and more radiant look.
LUMINOSITY cosmeceuticals globally tackle spots effectively from within.
Luminosity treats all kinds of blemishes, following 2 basic principles.
CORRECTION – Treats spot formation by using the latest generation of biotechnological clinically approved active ingredients which perform at both epidermal and dermal layers.

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